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Automatic Flux controller    Model K-2000, K2001







A controller that uses ratio control technology, capable of supplying flux and thinner automatically to maintain the required density and control also the lever for the flux tank. Best solution for high quality soldering and saving your labor cost.

*Automatic refill flux or thinner in a ratio-controlling manner to achieve high precision controlled density.


*Digital display the specific gravity and setting-up by push buttons.

*Controlling flux lever automatically by supplement the flux or thinner to maintain the setting value of specific gravity

*The life monitor indicates the life span of the soldering (Model K2001). It also helps to understand the right time of replacing the flux to enhance product quality.


Power220V 60/50
Density0.780 ~ 0.900
Accuracy of Density+ - 0.002
Lever controlmiddle Lever pin +5mm
Life meter
(Model K2001)
Measurement temp.0 -50 Degree C
0 -40 Degree C
Size300mm x300 x 130
User's manual 

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