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Equipment for electronics factory assembly line : 

PCB  depaneling machine-  PCB singulation

Series  machines are offered - economical single round knife model, multi-blade, straight knife model.Press type and PC controlled milling cutting machine

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Taped radial lead former/ Cutter

Form ,bend and cut the component leg by exchanging the tooling set.

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Taped axial lead former/ Cutter

Economical selection for bending and cutting operation  HS-301U HS80 for axial cut and bent, HS-301F HS-80F for vertical mount forming,
motorized model available for efficiency works

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Loose radial lead cutter -
loose radial lead  Cutting, 
equipped with linear feeder, lead length  adjustable.
Extensible by various bowl feeder to handle automatic feeding.

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PCB Lead cutter -

Trimming the  wire lead of PCB assembly after soldering process. with special design clamp fingers,  PCB carrier is unnecessary. Warp prove device is equipped to prevent damage on the board during process. 

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Pneumatic component former - 

tailor made tooling for wide range of component forming.


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PCB Carrier, wart proof tools SMD reflow carrier, Full Process Carrier

Tailor made to various size to meet requirements

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Power transistor former -  

Tailor made tooling set to form various kind of power transistor


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Component Counter 

Multi-purpose, microcomputer based  components counter which count axial and radial components and adapter for SMD components.
Equipped with special design arm set for either axial, radial and SMD tapes

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IC Former / Straighter  -  

3 styles are available-  straightening, cutting and forming by impact model.
Rolling type works in high efficiency and IC lead width is free adjustable

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Automatic Flux controller- 

Total solution for poor soldering because of flux application. Automatic control and monitoring the flux destiny and lever in wave soldering machine. Will supply the thinner or flux automatically

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Micro-processor controlled strip cutter

For cutting various of thin material such as heat-shrink tube, insulation paper, cable, metal film . Programmable for cutting length and speed control in the panel.

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Solder Wire V- Cutter HS-VC6A 

The machine is designed to V-grooved the solder wire to improve the soldering quality

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Label Detaching machine HS-LB90

Automatic detaching the Label, the back liner can be rewound.
Paper clinching mechanism is design for easy the paper exchanging.

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Solder Pot

Series model and size available

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Lead free -wave soldering machine

Designed to meet VOC-free fluxer and
Lead free solder production. Economic model is available

Solder dross recovery machine

designed to  recover, on average, 70-80% pure solder from all wave solder dross as reusable solder. Uses no chemicals or other noxious substances.

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High speed crimping machine HPCM2500

High speed production 0.6~0.9 sec (adjustable)

Stripping and crimping in one step, the waste can be cleaned by equipped dust remover

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Automatic Wire Cutting/Stripping/Twisting Machine Model HS-WCST06
Fully automatic function of wire cutting, Stripping and Twisting.

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Purifying Work Table

10-100 grade Vertical laminar flow stand type clean work table.

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