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Power transistor forming machine  HS-6000

Different feeding systems can be added to the basic machine to allow loose radial components of different shapes and dimensions to be processed.


Due to the simple construction and adjustment of the machine and availability of different feeding systems and preforming tools, cost effective and trouble free preforming of the most common loose radial components can be carried out on one basic machine. An easy to see control panel, simple and easily reachable mechanical construction and quick and easy setup of the machine allow effective work, maintenance and operation to be carried out by unskilled personnel. The speed of the machine can be adjusted continuously to suit requirements. An optional preset counter is available. Time consuming tool changes for different applications are reduced to a minimum. Most common components and preforming shapes can be processed on the standard tooling and feeders. Customized tooling and feeders are available upon request.



Dimensions of the basic machine: 460 x 360 x 340 mm

Weight: 18 kg

Power supply: 230V/115V 50Hz

Performance: max. 6 000 comp./h



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