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HS-22 Automatic double blade PCB lead cutter with brush

Brief introduction


Offset double blades design to trim the extra long leads automatically and with additional brushing system. The effective cutting area up to 420mm . The PCB residues after soldering and leads adhere on the boards after trimming can be easily removed by the equipped brush system.

Equipped with adjustable warp correction device in which correct the warp condition of PCB before soldering process.


The inlet and outlet bridge conveyors are optional selectable which flexible for connecting the wave soldering machine and conveyor line.



Spec and application range

1.Tungsten carbide blade: I.DÆ70mm, O.D Æ200mm&Æ250mm both size


2.Thickness of P.C.B: 0.8mm~2.5mm

3.Range of PCB width: 10mm ~ 420mm 

4.Power: AC220V .50Hz or 60Hz (Please specify in ordering)


5.Main spindle speed: 4500rpm


6.Main spindle motor: 3/4HP x3


7. Conveyor speed: Free step adjustable, 0~3m/minute.


8.Cutting height: 0.6mm min. (optional track for less height)


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