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HS-680  Tungsten carbide blade sharpening machine

Brief introduction


This machine is designed and built to resharpening the tungsten carbide blade that used in PCB lead cutting machine. with five Main portions
a.Main frame of the machine
b. Electric control system
c. Coolant system
d. Grinding device
e.  Feeding device

Function of the machine :

For reshaping the Tungsten Carbide cutting blade that used in the PCB lead cutter.  Tip :  The blade need to be re-grinned as it is worn out in a efficient machine.

Range of Re-grinding :

Tungsten carbide blade Inside diameter at Ø70mm. Outside Diameter Ø125mm~Ø250mm.


Features :


The machine is available for grinding operation with or without coolant. In which the coolant is recycled.


Specification :


Power source: 220VAC

RPM of spindle: 3000

Cutting angle: 17° - 22° adjustable

Grinding wheel: 125D-31.75H

Machine size: 800mm (L) x 750 (W) x 1200 (H)

Weight: 135kg






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