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PC controlled PCB Router,
CNC milling cutter    Model HS-5700N Dual table


1.      PC controlled system with user-friendly working interface and program, bilingual (English +Chinese) selectable.

2.      With vision positioning system, the program will check and correct the location or angle discrepancy automatically.

3.      Passwords protected working level, each for operator, technician and supervisor. The setting parameters are well protected.

4.      Fool-prove smart carrier is optional available, the barcode reader will easily read and start the program by the fixture that attached with barcode.

5.      Equipped with dual table, when one table is doing routing, operator can do unloading/loading of PCBA on the next table to increase working efficiency.

6.      Programming the cutting route can be by data input or by teaching with CCD camera.

7.      Speed adjustable cutting head with compact size and compress air cooling system.

8.      With automatic bit wear-off compensation system in Z axis. The feeding of the router bit can be set from 1~ 6 section ( downward 1mm or 1.8mm each time). The bits will downward one step when reaching the life that set in the system.

9.      Bit broken warming system is installed

10. High speed main spindle, equipped with NSK high torque 170W motor. Main spindle speed 0~40KRPM with high efficiency compressed air coolant system


Spindle speed: 40,000RPM

Cutting bit size: Ø0.8 ~ Ø3.175

X,Y cutting speed: 0~100mm/sec

Repeat precision: ±0.01mm

X,Y,Z control method: Voltage command

X,Y,Z driving method: AC servomotor

Human-machine operation and data storage:

PC, MS Windows XP, 160G Hard disk

Air pressure supply: 4.5kg/2

Dust collection method: lower dust collection

Power consumption: 3KVA



CCD Camera for vision positioning

u    Low power consumption LED diaphragm providing sharp and clear image.

u    Diameter of bits can be input directly for training the route

u    Combine the image with operation screen for ease data input.

u    15 times precise image capture directly from the work piece.

u    Cross or round target area size adjustable.

High speed cutting head

u  NSK cutting head drive by high torque 170W motor.

u  Main spindle speed 0~40KRPM

u With high efficiency compressed air coolant system

u  Tungsten carbide bits for long life application.

u  Left turn cutter is used for lower side dust collector.

u  Automatic cutter wear-off compensation system is equipped in Z axis.



  •  Eliminate the cutting scrap adhere on the PCB

  •  Reduce the cutting scrap on the cutter to en-lengthen the life

  •  Equipped with protection circuit, red LED warming the un-normal condition.

  • High performance in balancing the static, Decay 1000V to100V within 1second.


Working area


Machine size

(Main machine)

Total Weight

(with vacuum)



(Dual table)





(Dual table)



Vacuum system  

u    Equipped with vacuum pressure indicator, easy to aware the condition of filter

u   High efficiency 3HP dust collecting fan is installed.

u   Patting type filter bag is used. The cutting scrap and powder is collected in the low drawer. 

u  Wire net in the inlet to prevent stuffing by bigger size PCB scrap.

u  Automatic vacuum switching system to increase the suction pressure in double table.



u     Inlet air flow volume : 28m³/min

u     Inlet air flow speed : 26m/sec

u     Inlet air pressure  : 300mmAq

u     Inlet diameter : 150mm

u     Noise:  68db

u     Material of filter:  100%Polyester

u     Thickness of filter:  1.9mm

u     ventilation : 12.1cc/cm².See

u     Filter hose size : 120mm*640mm*16 ea

u     Vacuum Motor:  3HP 220V/380V  60/50HZ

u     Configuration:  665mm*635mm*1610mm


ER-7000 Stand alone 
PC controlled PCB Router ,CNC milling cutter with vacuum exhauster build-in



Cutting host and dust collector building inside the machine to save the space,Increasing the flexibility and aesthetics of the production line.

For more suction efficiency, the vacuum exhauster nozzle focus on cutting point.

Environmental considerations using a one-time dust bag, to prevent secondary pollution of dust and simplify the maintenance of the dust collector.

With dust automatic detection function, to ensure dust collection effect.



Specifications: (DW Twin Tables Standard Type)


Working Area330x440mm * 2


Motor of AxesXYZA  4 Axes


Cutting Speed (Max.)1~100 mm/sec


Repeat Precision ± 0.02 mm


Precision of Cutting ± 0.1 mm


Spindle Rotation Max. 60,000 rpm


Host Voltage 220V 1


Air Pressure Supply 4.5 kg/cm2 above


Dust Collection MethodLower Dust Collection


Host Power Consumption4.0 KW


Dimension (WxDxH)1250x1200x1820 (mm)


Weight of the Host 830 KGS


Working Height 900mm ± 20mm



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